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happy first birthday, sweet boy!

abby mouth
Jake's made a full rotation around the sun!
Or the earth has.
Yay for cake!
Yay for one!

and here's some mostly incoherent birthing day anniversary rambling.

laughed so hard i cried

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oh my lord #8 brought be right back to about 7:30 p.m. July 17, 2013.  One of those birthing experiences that I totally forgot about until reading this hilarious blog post.

When I think about my "breastfeeding experience" I laugh because it lasted all of about 10 minutes total.  But the first 5 minutes happened just as this author writes in the third paragraph of #8.  I could've written that part myself... right down to "OK, I'm out."  I literally said that!  

Ain't nobody got time for that kind of nonsense.

Anyway, enjoy the read right down to 'negotiating with God.'  (Unless you're my cousin Lisa - you gotta wait until your c-section scar from yesterday heals 'cause that article is sure to make you bust some stitches.)

high functioning

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we've seen a lot of our friends with down syndrome this summer... last weekend, i got "abby- she's really high functioning, huh?  she's basically a regular kid."  and then today i got "I told my mother not to sit near you guys today because abby makes us depressed about what [my kid] can do."

this makes me unbelievably sad.

the first rule of special needs parenting: compare your kid to your kid, not to anyone else.  it's taken me a long time to get to that point (actually just wrote a 3-page diatribe on it the other night) but here's the secret: compare experiences, not children.

it's easy to see that my 4-year old is very much ahead of her 3-year old DS peers.  of course she is.  she's got 12 months on them.  jake's almost 12 months old and has umm 12 months more life experience than his little cousin who will be born tomorrow.  

it's not so easy to understand why my 4-year old can speak in complete sentences when a 9-year old peer can only point.  the only way to explain it?  THEY ARE DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

please don't compare any kids.  it's pointless and takes up a lot of energy.

and i don't know - maybe I am abnormal but now at this point in our lives, I do not take pride in abby being ahead of her friends.  nor am i sad when she is behind (god... if I was, I'd never get out of my own way.) my pride in her comes from comparing how many words she could say at this time last year to the hours she could ramble on and on with the words she has now.  in how she has the freakish ability to remember anyone's name (something i can't do to save my life) or in how she can climb a rock wall or make her brother laugh.

the end.


pelly world cup

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this guy

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about 10 minutes from walking... he's been trying but can't keep his balance.  stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 6.59.52 AM

bath time chatter

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she's 4. the end.
(...and if that's all i can muster to type, i think this blog is reaching end of life.)


well no shit

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he doesn't qualify for early intervention services.  his body works just fine.


...although the ladies that came were very nice.  i think we spent more time talking about abby (who wasn't even there) than about jake.

so now i know what one of these meetings is like with a normal kid.  (hint: about A ZILLION TIMES LESS STRESSFUL.)

i laughed a little when they recommend i read the "what to expect" books for jake. ...since i really DON'T know the regular timeline of what to expect.  i have done such a spectacular job of not comparing abby to anyone but herself that i have very little concept of what either of them "should" be doing.  ain't nobody got time for books.  he is fine.


just two weeks out

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and i think we may make my "potty training by 4" goal I mentally set when she was 4 weeks old... she now TELLS US when she has to go! overnight is a different story but i'm not focused on that.  so proud of my girl!

funny... I have always made it a point to not go back and read old entries but I remembered writing that oh so long ago in the throws of, well, depression.  i still can't bear to read them so I opened up a few entries in june/july 2010 and did a quick ctrl+F to find it.  please don't tell me what else i rambled about in that entry!

you so silly

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Abby: "Mom.  Aiceweco."
Me: "Angry cow?  ... MOOOO!!!"
Abby: "No no Aiceweco!"
Me: "Mooooo...... OHH ice cream cone! Hahahhaaaaaa!"
Abby: "Mommy, you silly goose!"

i died.


abby mouth
no more pellys in my belly!

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